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Villas And Apartments

The most effective factor in design of a villa house is the architectural plan of the villa, which should be done by a creative and tasteful architect.
A person who, in addition to beauty, also considers the executive issues in villa design.
Attention to climate is very important in the design of a villa house.

The location, dimensions and type of openings have a great impact on the ventilation and lighting of the interior of the villa.
It is recommended that the two windows facing each other be at a great distance from each other so that airflow can take place and the space between the two windows can be ventilated.

Today, having a beautiful home is no longer an unattainable dream, and you can use the rules of home layout to create a practical and beautiful decoration in different parts of your villa or apartment house.
With the help of expert designers, you can easily get the house you want.

Office And Commercial

One of the most important points in the interior design of an office building is to pay attention to the people who work in that building and spend hours of the day in that place;
That's why creating a space with creative ideas makes employees happy and increases the company's work efficiency, and large and creative companies are looking for the optimal benefit of their human capital by preparing inspiring environments.

The purpose of interior design is not only to beautify the environment, but also paying attention to the necessary spaces and functions of an office building and meeting the needs of the employer matters. Employers should pay attention to the fact that the work environment should be attractive to encourage employees to deliver higher quality work output to their business customers.

Landscape Designe

Green space is part of the open space of the apartment or city environment, which shrubs, trees, flowers, grasses and other plants that are protected, maintained and constructed based on human supervision and management, taking into account the rules and regulations for improving the living and welfare conditions of citizens and non-rural demographic centers, are planted on its natural or artificial areas .

The principles of green space design will help you create a wonderful green space.
Plants play a key role in the design of green space and are considered as the basis and in fact the materials of work. The architectural features of plants mean that plants contribute to an effective architectural form in the construction of space according to their specific characteristics (individual or mass shape and volume).
In this process, plants can be used as walls, ceilings and floors.
When plants are planted in rows or in bulk, they play the role of the wall well.
Wide and dense branches above the trees can be a good option for the ceiling.
Many pavilions are formed by this process.
Plants can define spaces well and visually separate spaces.

Beauty Salons

Designing the interior decoration of a beauty salon plays an important role in performance and improving the interior view of the beauty salon.

One of the important points for designing the interior decoration of salons is to pay attention to the general needs and rules of arrangement of the space.In addition, choosing the right and stylish decor will be very important in attracting and satisfying the customer, and the designed decoration is better to be liked by the customer, too.
Familiarity with different types of beauty salon decorations will help you to improve your beauty salon in terms of appearance, or if you are thinking of establishing a hairdresser, use good ideas and carefully design and design your beauty salon decoration.
Familiarity with different types of beauty salon decorations will help you to improve your beauty salon in terms of appearance, or if you are thinking of establishing a hairdressing salon, use good ideas and carefully design your beauty salon decoration.

Facade Design

Since the design of facade is the first item from the viewer's point of view, it has a special role in the building architecture issue.
In designing the facade of the building, various elements such as the climate of the area, the architectural style of the area, the architectural style, the adjacent buildings, the urban rules governing the area, the geographical and cultural conditions, etc should be considered.
One of the plagues of building facade design in Iran is to entrust this important task to non-experts without experimental knowledge of architecture.

Modern building facade:
The modern view uses its rules and regulations in the visual system and urban space;
The use of vertical, horizontal and angular rhythms, as well as new materials and new technologies, adds to the charm and dynamism of this style.

Classic view:
Classic facade or Roman facade is one of the most lovable facades of buildings in Iran; symmetry is one of the most important principles of classic facade design. Classical appearance is very original. The neoclassical façade takes the neoclassical façade from ancient Roman and Greek architecture and from the Renaissance as well as the Baroque architectural style; The neoclassical facade is a modern style that, like the shell and layer, is based on classical architecture and facade.

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